Terms and conditions of hire of equipment

1. Survey material
The client receives the material in good condition at the premises of Onebike, where lies the material or a place agreed 

2. Delivery of the material
Customer must deliver the material at the end of the specified time on the rental agreement. The material should be delivered in good condition. If the client loses or damage the material  that will be invoiced.

3. Extension of rental
An extension of the rental agreement is possible with the approval of Onebike before the end of the current contract. The Onebike may refuse this extension.

4. The rental price
Pricing valid unless misspelling, since 26.06.2013 and subject to change under the terms of the General Conditions. All prices include VAT at the legal rate.

5. Cancellation of a booking
The cancellation of any reservation up to 30 minutes of the start of the rental is free. Any reservation canceled with less than 30 minutes will be envoice as “late cancellation” of the amount of 10€ (ten euros, VAT at the legal rate). 

6. Restitution of Onebike before the end of the period of reservation
When the cyclist restore Onebike before the end of the booking period provided, the time allotted but unused amount will not be deducted from your rental. The time set aside unused count up from the back to Onebike.

7. Method of payment
Layoffs hire will be settled in cash, upon the signing of the contract. The amounts owed for the use of the service will be settled according to the provisions in the General Conditions.

8. Insurance
Insurance is the responsibility of the customer. By signing the rental agreement, the customer confirms know the risks that are inherent in the use of the material in question. In relation to the bike rental customer can at your own risk or not to use the routes suggested by Onebike but the company declines all responsibility for any accident that occurs

9. Responsible for safeguarding the Onebike
Any damage, loss, theft or degradation of the material and accessories will be the responsibility of the rider from the moment that the gathers on the premises of the lessor at the time of their return. Moreover, the total liability Rider all fines for violation of the Highway Code and other legislation. It is expressly agreed by Rider that Onebike notifies the competent authorities of this identity, if he have not already done so, and if it is suspected of having committed any offense.

10. Helmets
Onebike as  available to its customers helmets for rental. The use is the responsibility of the customer. We decline any responsibility if any accident happens.

11. Customer responsibility
The Customer undertakes to use the material properly. You are responsible for any damage due to negligence. The competition use or for a similar situation is prohibited. Losses resulting from an accident, loss or misuse of the material are the responsibility of the customer assuming the same costs. In the case of full damage or loss, the customer is responsible for the value of the material.

12. Security or documents to rent
The rental will only be done on a deposit or a copy of an official document of the applicant (Identity Card or Passport).

13. End of contract
The end of the contract occurs automatically at the time that is returned by the entity lessor cyclist, the Onebike (and where appropriate, with the accessories) for this rental, and settled the debts attached to the same rental agreement.

14. Personal data 
All personal data collected by Onebike are provided voluntarily and will not be subject to disclosure to third parties, unless authorized by Rider for the purpose or in cases expressly mentioned in the contract